Sunday, May 11, 2008

Devoted wife, mother and eternally lovable grand-mother

The warmth of the log cabin….

The comfort and the warmth of a residence do not always depend on its price tag. The homesteaders considered their housing satisfying. They knew that a skillful housewife brings happiness.

Lulu Ware Midlleton raised seven children in a tiny log cabin. Her family remembers her with great fondness as a devoted wife, mother and eternally lovable grand-mother:

We will never forget her lovely smile, her patience, or her devilish sense of humor…

She always set the standard very high with her homestead soup, pies and bread. Grandma Lu was always ready to set one more place at the dinner table for stoppers-by and remained a gracious hostess a great lady throughout her long life.

In this memoriam to Lulu Ware Midlleton we see the characteristics of a pioneer woman and the attributes of today's modern woman. Homestead Congress salutes mothers of all ages and eras on this day of tribute to Mothers.

This excerpt is from the obituary August 7, 2007 Anchorage Daily News.
Lulu Ware Midlletonwas born in 1909 and passed away on August 1st, 2007.

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