Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Homesteading by the Numbers

April 24, 2007

1: Number of National Park Service sites dedicated to the commemoration and interpretation of the Homestead Act of 1862 and the many changes it initiated in the United States and the world.

10: Percentage of U.S. land given away under the Homestead Act.

24: Presidential administrations during which the Homestead Act was in effect (Lincoln to Reagan).

30: Number of states in which homestead lands were located.

40: Percentage of homesteaders that “proved up” on their claims and earned the deed from the federal government.

45: Percentage of Nebraska’s acres distributed under the Homestead Act.

71: Years Homestead National Monument of America has existed (created March 19, 1936).

123: Years the Homestead Act was in effect (1863-1986).

160: Number of acres in a typical homestead claim.

2,000,000: Number of claims made under the Homestead Act.

11,000,000: Acres claimed in 1913, the peak year of homestead claims.

93,000,000: Estimated number of homesteader descendants alive today.

270,000,000: Total number of acres distributed by the Homestead Act.

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